Weld Overlay

BAL Systems has partnered with WH Laboratories & Welding  to provide customers with turnkey pricing & support for products that requires the need of a weld overlay material, such as the corrosion resistant alloy (CRA), Inconel 625. Besides the welding, WH Labs is capable of providing in-house metallurgical testings and heat treating.

What is Weld-Overlay?

WH IMG00299Weld-Overlay are metallic coatings welded directly onto a base metal. The high-heat welding process forms a molecular-level bond with the base metal, essentially alloying the coating to the substrate. The result is a durable, almost completely nonporous and impenetrable coating with excellent resistance in high stress environments.

Benefits of Weld-Overlay

  • Permanent Repair & Upgrade Solution
  • Superior Corrosion & Erosion Resistance
  • Very Cost Effective
  • High Resistance to Chipping & Peeling
  • High Durability and Resistance to gouging wear
  • Coating materials are alloyed to base metal